Monday, February 25, 2013

Entertainment is Fine, But This is Crazy!

I am not sure how many of you out there watched the Oscars last night. If you were one of the lucky ones that did not watch it, I am not here to give you a rundown of those who won and those who lost, why they won and why they lost, and what everyone was wearing. I will leave that to the morons on television to talk about. There is more to this than meets the eye, so I wanted to write a little about why entertainment is good, but there also has to be limits.

Many times during the summer, if you were out and looking for me, you would find me at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA catching a baseball game. I would be there with some friends, having a few beers, and enjoying the night. There is nothing wrong with this. Those who tell you that there is and that I should be home on the computer worrying about Islam or the debt have only made this country worse because of their stupidity. It is great to get out of the house and do things that you find enjoyable. If that means going to the movies, then so be it. I am not one to go to the movies all that often, but when I do I understand I am giving money to people that probably do not share my views. This is the way of the world people, so get used to it.

We have to be honest with ourselves: if we TRULY wanted to boycott every store, movie, and general all-around places of business because they did not agree with us politically we would be making our clothes at home, would have to have a farm to raise our own food, and would have to build our own entertainment in the backyard out of some wood and sticks. This is the way of the world. I am not like it ad you may not like it, but at some point we all buy something or use a service that is offered from someone that we do not agree with.

Now, the Oscars were last night, and as I have stated I did not watch them and do not care to watch them. Those who did, more power to you, but I did not and will not. It is not because I could care less about the people getting the awards for political reasons. I see movies here and there and like I have stated, they are with people who I do not agree with politically. This is not a political issue, as far as I am concerned. We all know at this point that Hollywood is full of a bunch of Left wing nuts who want to do nothing more than spread that agenda over the airwaves. This is not news people!

What might be news worthy, but is never really talked about, is how these entertainers try to confuse the populace with their misunderstanding of the world. They get up and think they are doing something good for humanity when they have a telethon for those in Haiti, yet it takes them twice as long to stand up and try to help people in their own nation. When it comes to protecting children, or at least that is their argument, they tell us we should not have certain kinds of guns because they are the reason there is so much killing in this country. They have no understanding as to why there is so much killing in America and around the world. They lack the common sense to put two complete thoughts together to even understand the complexities of the world. How, as a realist, can I take them seriously and sit there and watch them accept awards given by people who are or have been actors? All they are doing is patting themselves on the back. Does that sound FAMILIAR to anyone else?

Yes, it sounds like what we see in Washington on a daily basis. All the while there are WAY too many people in this nation that use the ideas and twisted opinions of the Left via Hollywood to actually live their lives and form their own opinions. This is what I have a problem with when it comes to entertainment. It is not that the movies are making people do anything or that most of them are Left wing ideologues set out to make this nation even worse than it is today. It is that people take these people for more than what they are. They are just entertainers, and that is all. They are not special, more educated, or even more intelligent. They are who they are, and if as a nation we are going to look upon them as something more we know that we have a problem right off the bat.

Like I have said MANY times before: Entertainment is fine and we all need to relax here and there and get away from the problems of the world. This is why I stepped away from the podcast for a while. I needed a break to do something else and get away from the problems that the world has. But at the end of the day we always come back to them because that is where we feel most comfortable. That is fine in some respects, but when you cross that line and find that the only entertainment in your life is listening to someone else moan and complain about the world, you need to examine yourself and what makes you tick. This kind if world will bring a person down to levels that you will not like. I have seen it, and many of you have as well. When you allow anything to consume you, you just become a part of the problem that you are trying to fight.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CNN Panelists Cheer and Sympathize With Cop Killer, Murderer Dorner

CNN Panelists Compare Christopher Dorner to ‘Real-Life Superhero,’ Say His Actions Were Like a ‘Denzel Washington Movie’

We have all seen over the past week Facebook pages and websites go up all over the place to cheer on the all-out hell that was being perpetrated by a man who thought he was wronged when fired from his job at the LAPD. There are so many questions here, especially about Dorner, but more importantly right now (since he has since burned up into a chard version of his former self) about the people not only out there in this country that have supported him through his rampage but also the media and the far-left wing fringe that likes nothing better than bringing the fight to the police. If you click the link I have put at the top of this piece, you will see a video that shows you a panel on CNN discussing this murder spree, and two panelists in general seem to have no problem at all making excuses for this man. They say what he did was wrong, but they understand why he would do such a thing.

How could you understand why a person would go out and kill a young lady and her fiancee, when they had nothing at all to do with his argument in the first place? How can you understand the taking of a police officers life when they had nothing to do with him being fired in the first place. It is not like these officers were at fault, they were just there to try and take this madman down and they died at his hand. If you are one of the people that say you understand this man, I would like to know what you would do if you believe YOU were wronged by someone! Would you go out killing their family members, regular citizens, and the police? Would you take people hostage, tie them up, and scare them half to death? If you think you would, I would like to see you locked for a period of time until you can work out those feelings, because no matter what CNN or anyone else might tell you, they are not NORMAL!

Just think about all the life that was put in danger because of Dorner and his actions, and then think about those who are cheering him on as if he is doing something good for society. He did nothing good for society, except burn in that building and save the taxpayer a heck of a lot of money in the process since they now do not have to try him for his crimes. What about the families who lost a father, a brother, a husband, or a friend. How about those who lost a daughter, a niece, a nephew, or a sister? Those who lost someone do not understand why this happened and may never understand it. For someone to go on TV and say they understand why he would do this and then say he does not approve of it makes me very sick to my stomach. You have to be one of the sickest human beings that have ever walked the Earth to sympathize with this man and what he did.

This was also NOT a movie! It was not Mel Gibson or some other Hollywood idiot running around a set. This was REAL. REAL people died! REAL families have had their hearts broken and will take years to heal, if they can heal at all! To compare this to a movie, where NO ONE dies, only lessons the fact that this man was a crazy person and out for his own kind of revenge while thumbing his nose at not only authority but all social norms in the process.

Now, to the most interesting part of all of this. Do you know what I have heard VERY little about from the Left in this whole process? I have heard very little about gun control, which is what they are usually pushing when something like this happens. Now that they agree with what the man did and 'understand' him, there is nothing about the guns the man used to commit these crimes. Usually we would hear nightly reports about this, but not this time, because, deep down, they truly believe that Dorner did the right thing. They will not say it that way because they know how it will sound, so they will beat around the bush as they have been doing. But we all know what they mean when they say they 'understand' why Dorner did what he did. As a society we should SHUN people like this, not make them think they are normal elements in an otherwise messed up society. All these commentators and Facebook groups have done is make others think this kind of reaction is justified if you feel wronged by "the man".

It is about time we started a conversation about how we treat each other. In my upcoming book I dedicate a whole chapter to it, and while my one little chapter in my one little book may not make much of a difference, we need to start somewhere. If we keep telling these kind of people they are right in what they do, there is no end to this. There is no end to the anarchy that men and women like this can perpetrate on society.

If you think that is understandable, if you believe in your heart Dorner did the right thing and had a reason to do the right thing, you are no more sane or right to be a part of normal society than he was!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

North Korea Tries To Flex Its Muscles, But What Did Their Test Really Prove?

The media is all over a test by the North Koreans that will probably lead to even more sanctions from the United Nations, a body that can sanction like no other but otherwise has no backbone to do anything else. The one question is not if the United Nations will do anything about this act, but if the United States and the Obama Administration actually see it as an act that could possibly leave the United States at risk. Is North Korea a real threat or are they just shooting off at the mouth? Do we consider them a threat even if they may not be able to harm us with biological or nuclear weapons, but could use them on the South Koreans in a time of war? These are all questions that need to be answered, and in a time like this we have to look at them more closely than we would, I believe, at any other time in history.

The last thing we need is another war, that is for sure. We have our troops all over the globe and it would be nice to bring them home, allow them to get into the workforce, start a business, and have a family. It would be nice to tell them that they can take a break, lay back, and spend more time with family than dodging bullets in a nation that we may never actually turn to our side once we leave anyway. On the other hand, those who join the military know that at a moments notice there could be war that breaks out, an ally that is hit and they will have to leave once again to go somewhere else and battle an enemy that may not be the same kind of enemy that we see today.

But first we have to try and get to a consensus, if we can, to the question of North Korea actually being a threat to not only mainland United States but neighboring allies in the region. If we do believe they are a threat, then something needs to be done. This is a nation with a a little bit of military might. I am not saying they rival others in the region, but they do have a very good friend in China that while they have condemned the launch of yet another nuclear test may not be so quick as to want to go in an get rid of the nukes that the North Koreans actually have. It is one thing to be against a test, but it is another thing entirely to say that the Chinese would be willing to take down a regime that scratches their back.

I am not sure we can come to a consensus on if the North Koreans are a real threat, because there will be those who say that they are not and it is not our problem even if they were. I suppose that would change if the United States was in range of a North Korean missile, something that has yet to be proven and does not seem likely at this time without the help of another nation. I can understand the argument as to not wanting to get into another nations business, but I also know we have allies that must be protected. The South Koreans, I believe, would be able to handle their business without much of a problem. But that only goes as far as the United States is willing to go in helping them achieve that end. If we are not, another Korean War could break out lasting years and years and affecting not only that region but the world as well.

I am not writing today trying to say we need to suit up and start making a plan for the removal of the North Korean government in the next 60 days, but it may be something that needs to be looked at in the future. I would hate to have to say I told everyone so if some how, some way, the North was actually able to hit the United States with a missile when we thought they could not. There is a lot that we do not know about North Korea and their dealings with the Chinese. Like I said, I am not saying it is a threat that needs to be dealt with right now but it may be at some point and the conversation as to if we should do anything or just stand back even if we know they could be an immediate threat needs to be had. While we have our troops in Afghanistan and all over the world, we also have problems here at home but let us get serious for a minute. Do you believe if we were not anywhere else in the world the border would be closed by the troops on the President's orders? If you believe that, if you believe the President would do that, then you are dumber than most. That may not be a reason to leave them all over the world but it is something that has to be brought into the conversation.

Are they a threat or are they not a threat? That, really, is the question!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One last Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Book: Assisted Suicide: The End of One Brings Another"

 Here is another sneak peak at the upcoming book, "Assisted Suicide: The End of One Brings Another" This is the last sneak peak that you will get before release, so share it around and come back often for updates on release.


The party left me, the party left you, and the party left everyone who has, for many years and decades, been fighting for what is right in America. We have not lost all hope yet, but we are getting close when we elect men and women like we do today. The Republican Party has been infiltrated by the Left and they have set up shop right in our back yards. How can none of you out there be angry about this?
 Through my blogging experiences and even while podcasting, I have met many different kinds of people. I have met those on the far left of the ideological spectrum, I have met those on the far right of the ideological spectrum, and I have met those who could really care less. I have met those who come in between all of those I have listed and I have met those who wish the government would just fall into a hole so we could go back to a time where we traded horse manure for a pound of apples. I have had the pleasure to meet and speak with many different kinds of people, but those who infuriate me the most are not the ones you may think.
  There are many different kinds of people, but the fact of the matter is that those on the Right, true Republicans who would never stray from what their party has to say, are the ones that make me the angriest. I come into contact with them all the time because they are like-minded people and we tend to get along well, but when the talk starts about getting a new party started or even sitting at home on election day to show our distaste for the party, they are the first ones to tell me that we MUST go out and vote and we MUST support the Republican Party. For those of you out there who want to keep telling me this, I want you to keep some things in mind while you do:
      1.The Republicans, while holding both the House and the Senate during the Bush years and also while holding the House during the Obama years, have yet to stand firm when it comes to taxes, spending, or Constitutional authority of the President. Case in point, what we just saw at the beginning of the year. We were told that there would be no new taxes, and what do we get? New taxes!
2.    2. The Republican Party, the Party that is supposed to stand for freedom and liberty in this land, allows an Administration to get away with running guns to drug dealers and not protect our Embassy’s around the world. The Administration gives faulty and sometimes pathetic reasons why these events happened and the Republicans in the House refuse to do anything but symbolic gestures that mean less than flipping the bird to someone on the street. Why have these issues not been pushed and why have we only been shown a dog and pony show?
      3. During the primary season, we were given the choice of Tweedle Dee (Newt Gingrich), Tweedle Dum (Mitt Romney), Social Santorum, and the nutty old man (Ron Paul). The others in the race seem to hold no significance to the populace of the Republican electorate at all, so there is no need to bring them up. They were no better or no worse than those that I listed…except for ONE! ONE man who did have ideas, did have a vision, and was starting to gain steam until the Party left him. That man was Herman Cain. What the Party did to him was beyond disgusting, yet we all stood by and let it happen. We jumped on the bandwagon of a man who is no traditional Republican in any sense of the word because Herman Cain MAY have had an affair that no one could prove happened. The Republican Party sold him out and in the process sold all of us out of a chance to have a new face in the Party.

You think that is all? You think that is all this Party has done to the loyal Party faithful over the years? They have taken advantage of us because they know that they can, and all of us have stood by and allowed it to happen. Even today I see people trying to be an apologist for the Party by sticking up for Mitt Romney, a man that is no traditional Republican at all. How many more years, how many more failures, and how much more in taxes are we going to have to go through and spend before we get it through our heads that they Party has left us in the cold to fend for ourselves as they set up a new Party?

The new Republican Party is taking shape and it is not the Party that you grew up with. We give up everything that we have stood for, and now we have Republicans standing up wanting to give in on immigration, more taxes, more spending, social issues, and the Second Amendment. We used to be the Party of freedom and Liberty and all we have now are weak people who used to believe in it that have become shills for those who they used to be against. You can tell yourselves that I am wrong, that I have gone too far, but as far as I am concerned the Party went too far when they sold their souls for some tax cut extensions that turn out to raise the taxes of people anyway!

We cannot allow a Party that was built on freedom for all and justice for everyone to go over to the side that has already turned this nation into a shell of its former self. We must stand together and fight for better candidates and when those candidates are Karl Rove Republicans, we must stand against them and run a third party candidate against both sides to show that this is no longer our Party and we will not allow the Left or those who say they are Right to rule the day any longer. We have a choice, and one of those choices is to not to vote or not vote for the same person that someone in the GOP tells us to vote for. Why do we continue to follow when we have the ability to lead on our own? I might be a young guy, not ready for service to this nation via politics, but frankly at least I would shoot straight with people and that is ONE thing the Party no longer respects in a candidate or an individual. If they have no respect for that then how can we have respect for them?

I am a strategist first and foremost, that is always how I have thought and will continue to think when it comes to not only fixing this Party but the nation as a whole. I used to look up to men like Karl Rove because, let’s face it, he was the architect of the Bush years. He made the impossible happen, and he did it because he is one of the best and brightest minds when it comes to American elections and the electorate that go out to the polls. But ever since Rove decided to fight a war against not only the Tea Party but those who support changing the Party to something better, I have lost ALL respect for the man and consider him no more Republican than Harry Reid. He left the Party, he left people like you and I and I will be damned if I would ever look in his direction if he walked right next to me down the streets of D.C.

I could write a whole book of just complaining, but that would do no good. What we need are solutions, and solutions that do not seem like someone thought them up when they were at the bar all night with their friends right before a bachelor party. We need real solutions, real leaders, and real problem solvers in this nation or nothing will ever be fixed. The Party needs the same thing, but has not had that for a very long time now. We have to cut this Party off like we would a child addicted to crack, and make sure that we let the Party know we love it, we respect it, but in no way do we condone the behavior that they are currently expressing.

How do we do that, you may ask? How do we get the Party back on its feet when it has been decades since it has really shown any life? That is what this book is about, to keep it simple, so we will not get to everything in this one chapter but we do need to understand that it does start with you and I. If we believe the Democratic Party is too far gone and that there is no way a third-party candidate could ever win on the national stage, then we need to start from the beginning. If we have a huge problem with our Party we need to then go and replace the people who are now running it. You may be asking how we could get such a thing done, and if it was that easy then why have we not done it yet? It is not easy and we have not done it yet because it is not easy. We have to step out from our comfort zone and we have to some things that we may not like. We have to run for office ourselves, in many cases, no matter if we think we can win or lose. We have to talk to people in the neighborhood to get them behind us even though many of our neighbors may think we are crazy for doing what we are doing.

Like I said, this is not going to be easy but it does need to be done if you, out there reading this, think the party can be saved. The time of sitting there and hoping someone will come along and save the party is over. That person has to be you, me, and everyone else who believes that this party is taking the nation right down the tubes. Today, the Right and the Left do not look much different, but if we work hard and give of ourselves then MAYBE, just maybe, in 20-30 years not only the party will look better but maybe even the outlook of the nation as a whole as well. We will never know if we do not try, and if we do not try then what is the point? What is the point of me writing this book, doing the podcast, arguing policy, or anything else we choose to do to try and make this country better if we do not try what is more difficult to do?

Some of you out there may have already run for office and lost, but that does not mean you should give up and not try again. Some of you out there may think it is too difficult and believe you do not have enough money to run, but that is no excuse as well. You do not have to run for President, but city council, county council, or even mayor could help out more than you think. These might seem like small jobs to you but if there is ever a problem in this nation and we have to fend for ourselves I want to know my community will be protected and that can only happen with the right people at the head table. NEVER tell yourselves that you cannot do it, because that word must be thrown out of your vocabulary if you want to bring this nation back to the glory it once had.

We must stand together, and that is the most important part of all of this. You will read about policy and social issues in this book, but at the end of the day if we do not stand together than we might as well give up the fight right, now, go home, and play board game while the nation crumbles around us. This movement does not need those who come up with excuses, people who lay blame on those who they should be supporting, and people who have no interest in a nation of freedom loving people living side-by-side where we can disagree but must always promise to defend one another when it comes time to do so.

If we can stand together than we have a chance, we have hope, and we have a future. We may fail, and I am not saying that may not happen, but that does not mean we do not try. There are many terrible things going on in this country today, and in this book you will read about some of them. Many of them I could not get to, but Lord willing, the next time maybe I will!

Chris Rock: Just Another Hollywood Tool

This is Chris Rock, someone many of you may know from the movies and television. He does comedy, and this video is one of his attempts at that comedy. He cannot be serious, can he?He stumbled all over himself as if he had no idea what to say, and to make things worse he says something that makes no sense at all! I will discuss his comments one at a time here because they are worth noting. This is how the Left feels about the President, but never felt the same way about President Bush. They fought him, called him a racist, and wanted to impeach him for no other reason than because he was a Bush, a Republican, and someone that did not agree with them.

First Chris Rock, a man of many words I suppose, says that the President is our boss. Well, Chris, no he is not. We elect the President to do the work of the nation as stipulated in the Constitution. He is not MY boss, your boss, and only the boss of those who work under him in the capacity of the job. WE THE PEOPLE are his boss, any President's boss, and to try and lesson that fact is only showing that Chris Rock does not know his ass from his elbow, so to speak. I do not do what the President tells me to do. I do not act how the President tells me to act. I do not believe the same things the man does. And never forget that, ladies and gentlemen. He is just a MAN. A man with flaws, a man, like every other man, who does not understand everything and does not speak for everyone.

Next, and probably the most important comment made by Rock was that President Obama and Michelle Obama are like our parents, and we should listen to what our parents tell us to do or it may hurt us later. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life, bar none. I have had idiots, zealots for their cause, and mind numbing crazies call my podcast for YEARS that have said some dumb things but this one takes the cake! The President, with all due respect to the office that he holds, is NOT my father and never will be. My father does not make it seem ok to mooch off the system when you are able to work. He does not make it seem like I can do anything that I want to do but then tell me there are things that I should do and what I want to do is not as important as what he wants me to do. The President is nowhere near the man my father is, with all due respect.

Sometimes I wonder if these Hollywood nuts think before they speak, and Chris Rock is an example of those who do not think before they open their mouths. I am an American who can think for himself and form an opinion that may not be the opinion of others. I do not need to be told that the President is my daddy and that what he says goes, because that is not the way it is. The people elected him and while they may have elected him for the wrong reasons, I have to deal with that like everyone else has to. But I will be damned if I sit by and be told that I must listen to him as if he was my father when my father is nothing like the man Barack Obama. I was taught to think for myself, form an opinion, and be a freedom loving American. I was told that I could do anything that I wanted to as long as the government stayed out of my way and allowed me to be me. I do not need the government there to pass me out a handout every time I am down on my luck, I need the government there to make sure everyone is playing by the rules so we all have a fair chance at the American dream. Sadly, many in my generation and after will never experience that American dream because we will be too busy paying back the debt these people, both Left and Right, have left for me and future generations to pay for.

Would your father leave you in debt up to your eyeballs? Would your father tell you that you should sacrifice YOUR happiness to make HIS life better? My father would never do that because my father lives by the motto that every generation should have it better than the one before. I have a warm house to live in, food on the table, and parents that have been there since the beginning. My father never had it that easy. My father never got the education that I have, never made as much as I did when I was working in my field, and most importantly never asked the government for anything when he was down on his luck. My father pushed me to be better, to do more, and to be something else other than a truck driver from Pittsburgh. By the age of 29 I have two published books, I got my degree, and had a job that was much better than I could have ever imagined. I lost that job, of course, but it was fun while it lasted and I work hard every single day to get back to that level so I can help my parents as they grow older. THAT is the job of a child and I never would have learned that if I had a father that told me it was fine to live off of other people.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ted Nugent Owns Piers Morgan: 'Would you leave us the hell alone?'

In another display of stupidity by Piers Morgan, a man who decided to go to a gun range in Texas on Monday and shoot some guns and have a conversation with Ted Nugent, Morgan showed his true colors as a man who does not yet understand what America is all about. We in America do not change because some mad men do bad things to people who do not deserve it. Should we have banned all travel by airplane after 9/11 because there is always a risk of a plane being hijacked? I doubt many people would say we should have banned all air travel forever because of that, so why would be ban guns that have less to do with murder in this nation than a hammer does?

At the bottom of this blog you will see the video of the interview that Morgan did with Nugent on Monday, and I have to say that Nugent handled himself well and got out the points that needed to be made. He did not act like Alex Jones or get up and start screaming at Morgan. He made his points and Morgan, who rarely ever has a comeback to facts, kept to his usual self while trying to demonize Nugent and all other law-abiding Americans who own guns that he does not believe they should own.

Morgan, as of yet, has never really told the American people why he takes up a cause like this with assault weapons when handguns are the cause of much more of the murder and suicide in this country. He has yet to explain his rationale and after numerous attempts from myself that continues to this day on Twitter to get him to answer the question, he refuses to. That does not surprise me because, frankly, who am I and why would he care what a guy like me has to say. But I am American, I believe in a Second Amendment right that is not violated by those who do not begin to even understand it, and I am one of many who continues and will continue in the war of ideas to make sure that people like Morgan do not shape this conversation out to be something that it never should be in the first place.

After all of the times I have written about this and how many times that we have all discussed this, you would think that the American people would get it and not fall for the trap that they are falling for. This has nothing to do with murder or death of those who are innocent. If you believe Piers Morgan and others are on a crusade to end murder then you are more crazy than Alex Jones is. This has nothing to do with keeping children safe, keeping the populace as a whole safe, or lowering the murder rate. If it were, we would not be discussing bans on so-called "assault weapons" but bans on all firearms. This is not the conversation, although I would have more respect for those who believe it and will actually say it than those like Morgan who dance around it like a school kid doing the moon walk in a high school auditorium. This is about the incremental changes that those on the Left and some on the Right are willing to make to make you believe you are safer even though no gun laws will ever make anyone anywhere safer than they are right at this moment.

If you want to be safe on your person you should learn how to fire a gun and carry one with you. You should learn how to protect yourself and not get into situations where you may end up in danger. We should teach our children that guns are not bad or evil, but can cause harm to those we love or the innocent if not given the proper respect that they deserve. But most importantly we should not be afraid to call the police or talk to someone in authority when we suspect that there is someone that we know that may not be mentally stable and could have the idea of hurting others for no other reason than because they are cowards. No matter what shooting it is we hear people say that they had an idea that he or she might do this or that, but never brought it up to anyone. Why is it that these people, that after the fact say they are not surprised, did not say anything to anyone before it happened? If you believe that someone you know or have come into contact with may be a danger, you should tell someone. Maybe the person just needs someone to talk to or they need that one person to tell them to get help. No matter what they may need we know for a FACT that not saying anything at all has led to the deaths of innocent people and that telling someone in those cases could have hurt nothing at all. I am not saying it would have saved a life, but we will never know.