Monday, March 11, 2013

Judge Stops NYC Ban on Large Drinks

A state judge on Monday stopped the implementations, which was to start on Tuesday, of new rules that would have punished certain places of business if they sold sugary drinks above 16oz. in size. This is a win for anyone who has a brain, and most people had to know this was coming. Even in a state like New York, you have to expect some people will get angry when they cannot go to the pizza place of their choice and walk out with a 2 liter of soda, as many people do in the city.

The rules were all over the place, and was one of the reasons the judge in NY struck down the rules. Different businesses had different rules that would regulate them, and in the end it would have been a clustered mess that I am not sure even a court could have figured out. Of course this is not the end and I am sure the city will fight it, but the understanding is that Mayor Bloomberg, or Nanny as some have called him, overstepped his bounds by pushing the health department to sign off on these new regulations when the city council should have been the body to do it if they chose to do something like this.

I am sure the Mayor knew that the council would never have done this because of the bad publicity they would have received from the people in the community, not to mention the people who visit NYC. It is one thing to do something in the name of public welfare and safety, but it is another thing entirely when you do something that has nothing at all to do with public safety to begin with. People choose to eat and drink what they want, and no government body should be able to tell me or anyone else for that matter what size soda we should have with our dinner.

This is a problem we are having in America, and we the people are partially responsible for creating the problem. Every single time something bad happens to us, we run to the government and ask them for some help. We cannot help ourselves, it seems, but we surely will run to the government to help us because, well, why would they say no? The more people who run to the government for help, the larger it gets and the more money it needs. Just look at some of the programs we have in this countr and how much we spend on them. How much could we save if those people who may have been in the fringe about getting help maybe tried to help themselves?

There is no doubt some people really need help, but for those who create situations that screw themselves over, why should you and I have to pick up the tab for their mistakes? I am not in the business, and neither are any of you for that matter, of giving out money to people who do not try and help themselves in one way or another. What all of this leads to is the government pretending it has the power to do whatever it wants, because the people are wrapped around their fingers and cannot let go. We created this monster of a government because we could not help ourselves, and now people complain the government is making up ways to help us when we do not even need the help. Well, in reality, if we did not run to the government for everything that we needed in the first place then there would not be this mentality in Washington and elsewhere around the country that government can do what they want, say what they want, and spend what they want all the while screwing over the populace that the politician knows will never vote against them because of the letter next to their name.

If we created this, we can end it! It only takes standing up for what you believe in to get the ball rolling, and sooner or later things will change. Will it be in time to save this nation? That remains to be seen!

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