Wednesday, March 6, 2013

President Cancels Public Tours of White House, Blames Budget Cuts

The "People's House", as some have referred to it (like Michelle Obama in 2010), will be closing to public tours on Friday until further notice because of what the White House says is budget cuts stemming from sequestration. The U.S. Capitol, however, will remain open to tours from the public because money was able to be moved around to make sure there was enough there for security and other workers. Apparently, the White House could not find the same kind of fix for the problem with tours to the White House.

This is all a game people, and those who have been planning this for MONTHS will now go to D.C. and not be able to visit the White House because the President wants to play a game with the "People's House". We PAY for that house! Every time you send in your tax return or get a paycheck you are sending money to a government that uses it to better the lives of others in this country, or at least that is what the talking point is. It takes a long time to get approved and even set up a date to visit the White House. When I visited D.C. last year, about 4 months prior I contacted my Representatives office to try and get a tour of the White House. I was able to get tickets to tour the Capitol, but not for the White House...FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE! That is crazy enough right there, although I get the point of having to check people out before letting them in even though in most cases you are never going to rub elbows with the First family.

The White House could have found somewhere else to cut if need be, but I really doubt that the sequestration had much to do with this at all. Remember, these "cuts" were never really cuts at all, but just rolling back spending levels that were higher in the past. We are talking about $85 Billion dollars here, and a very small amount of that coming from in-house security at the White House for tours. Cutting down on the type of food that is made for the President could have saved just as much, but I doubt that was even a possibility. I get that it is our House and we pay for it, so if we pay for it should we not be able to visit it when we want. of course, like I said, there needs to be safeguards in place to make sure people are checked out before coming to tour, but to shut down the White House to make a political point will surely put a damper on the plans of that family who will be traveling to D.C. in the coming weeks and months who planned a visit to the White House 8 or 12 months prior.

Some of you may think I am making something out of nothing here, but that is our House and we pay the bills in that house. We are the owners of that house and the President gets to stay there because we elected him to do a job. We give him the some of the best cooks, food, and entertainment money can buy while he is in that house. We pay him a handsome salary to live like a king, take vacations on demand, and look down on those who have much less. We do not need a President to shove it back in our face when a family who has saved for years to take that trip to D.C. to see the White House now has to change their plans or just not visit THEIR HOUSE because of a couple bucks that could have been saved by taking away a few high-priced dinners, which are at OUR expense to begin with! The White House and the President can try to make this a political game if they choose, but at the end of the day everyone knows that this did not have to happen and there were other ways to save money at the White House.

This goes to show what the President thinks of all of us out here, though. He thinks of us as second-class citizens and because he did not get his way he is going to ruin the day for everyone who had plans to visit the White House. He is going to be the boy who takes his ball and goes home because he did not get more tax increases after he just got tax increases on EVERYONE just a couple months ago. How much money does the Treasury need before the President is happy? We are not even using this money to pay down the debt, so you can tax your tax increases and shove them as far as I am concerned. We are using the tax money for new spending. It is always something else that we NEED. We are like the crazy shopper who need six credit cards because he or she maxes out the other ones on demand when they go to the mall.

You people on the Left may stand by the White House for this decision, but I am guessing if you had a trip planned and could not wait to show your children the "People's House" you would be singing a whole different tune!

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