Friday, March 8, 2013

McCain: Sen. Paul, Sen. Cruz and Others 'Wacko Birds'

McCain calls Paul, Cruz, Amash ‘wacko birds’

If this is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, then I have no idea what is! let me straighten this out for all of you out there who may not know what is going on. Somehow, at some point without anyone knowing, apparently John McCain became the mouthpiece of the Republican Party and decided to call those who stood up on the floor of the Senate to filibuster the Brennan nomination 'wackos'. He seems to think these types of actions are not good for the party nor the country, although I am sure when he stands in defense of his own opinion that is fine to do. When someone else does it, even from his own party, then THAT is wrong and you are a wacko. Remember what I wrote the other day? This is the reason why these old timers need to be led out of the Senate and the Congress and the new guard needs to take over. If we allow John  McCain to be the voice of reason, then we have more problems than we think we do!

Nothing that McCain has ever done for the party really ever mattered much. He ran as a moderate for President and got the crap kicked out of him. I am not sure I would be taking advice from a man who is just barely a Republican, and frankly could be confused as a Democrat by those who pay no attention. he attacks his own party, members of his own party, and for what exactly? What does he gain by doing this? Is this to show the younger Senators that they need to be wise to the elders of the Senate and only do things that they approve of? Even if that is the case, he is going about it in all the wrong ways and the younger generation of Senators may actually see this as a way for the elders of the Senate to try and take advantage of them, making things worse.

We have to understand where John McCain and Lindsey Graham come from. These two men, who have spoken out against the filibuster, were also two men who dined with the President while Paul and others stood on the floor of the Senate. They were wined and dined by our Dear Leader for the evening while some people who actually have a cause stood up and did their jobs. Who am I supposed to respect more in this instance? Am I supposed to respect men who claim to be Conservative but give the President whatever he wants when he wants it? Am I supposed to believe that is the best way to handle the problems we have today? Am I supposed to believe that not asking questions is the right thing to do? If so, then McCain and Graham are the best two men we have in this nation. If that is true, then the younger generation in the Republican Party are playing with  our emotions and the elders of the party must know better.

I do not believe that for ONE MINUTE! Do you believe McCain and Graham and others when they sit and dine with a man that hours before they were talking against? Do you believe men who will sit by and break their promise not to raise taxes just hours after telling people they will not raise their taxes? These two men are Democrats, no matter how you slice it, and this is why the Party is falling apart because it has been taken over by the Left. I may not agree with Paul or even Cruz on everything, but their mentality is not to give the Democrats what they want just because it would make them happy and stop a fight. If this is the mentality of the new Republican Party then these younger Senators may want to rethink their party affiliation and go in another direction. They should not be treated like second-class citizens just because the old guard thinks they run things. It is time the younger generation took the power, and if that takes ticking off the likes of McCain I say keep on keeping on!

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