Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Stupidity of Ignorance: Our Society is Falling Apart!

The title to this piece could be a book in itself, but because it is only a blog and I only have a short amount of time to work on it I will make it as brief as possible. I have been writing extensively about gun control legislation being passed in the states and being proposed on the federal level because I think it is important for people to know about, not because I really want to do it. I wish I could write about dumb things that meant nothing all day, and people would come to read it and be happy knowing their nation was on the right track. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Every time a mass shooting happens, we here the same things from the Left. I am not here to go through those same talking points again, because I have done that already. What I want to show you, as I write this tonight, is not the stupidity being displayed but the underlying cause for the fear that is being spread. Case in point: a 5-year-old being threatened by school officials that he may be suspended...and for WHAT you might ask? Oh..yeah...he made a gun out of Legos at an after school program that he was attending!!!

Here is where the stupidity should become illegal everyone, because this young man did not make this gun because he secretly wants to shoot all the other 5 year old children in the school, but because he just wanted to make a gun! His mother says,"I was given a book and they told me he’s going to be suspended if he does it again and to sign here,". 

The school administration says the making of the gun can be taken as a threat, and if it happens again the child will be thrown out of school. This seems to be a little harsh, but not unexpected coming from a public school and their zero-tolerance policy that has, by all accounts, actually cost people their lives rather than saved any in the process. The whole argument over zero-tolerance BS has been made by many people, including me, in the past so I will not waste time on that again. But what we have here is one of the reasons why this society is falling apart at the seams! We are making criminals out of children for being children and excusing the behavior of the sickest individuals in the nation and blaming their crimes on the guns. Can you see something wrong with this?

The media is not having a conversation about mental illness, are they? All of these individuals who have gone in and shot up these schools or even workplaces all have some mental problem in their past, yet today we do not talk about that, we talk about the guns they supposedly used in the killing sprees that they went on. We do not talk about the problems these people may or may not have had, but we talk about the guns they were carrying as i the guns told these people to go shoot kids, the elderly, or anyone else for that matter. Normal thinking people know this is not the way forward, but those who want to push an agenda forget that while they push their agenda the REAL problems continue, and they have nothing at all to do with the weapons that are being used.

This is a societal problem, one that cannot be fixed with more laws. The laws we have on the books have not stooped people from killing each other, so maybe it is time we went to a plan B and came up with a new solution. We live in a society where we treat each other like crap for not thinking how the next person thinks, for being fat or maybe not speaking like everyone else. We live in a society full of kids who are growing up thinking it is right to go out and have unprotected, per-marital sexual relations with multiple people (sometimes at one time) and that abortions on demand are as normal as stopping into a Taco Bell drive-thru and ordering a Number 5 on the menu! We live in a society where our entertainers glorify the killing of others over money, women, and just because they feel like it while those same entertainers tell the people it is wrong to own the guns these same entertainers use to draw people into the theaters. If I did not know any better, I would think this society has been so perverted, so displaced with filth, that no matter what we do at this point nothing will ever fix the damage that has been done by those who claim to actually want to help this nation.

And now, just like many other occasions that I have written about over the years, a little boy could be suspended if he makes another Lego gun at an after school program!!! It is a LEGO GUN, NO ONE IS IN DANGER! But that does not matter, because the real reason they do not want the child to be open and make what he wishes is to show the child that guns are bad. The Leftist scum in these schools want to show children there is no need for guns, so the next generation will be even more profoundly against our right to protect ourselves. This is the blind leading the future leaders of tomorrow, and these little ones will be the ones who lead when I am too old to fight back against their hair-brained schemes of keeping us safe, not with guns, but with some toy robot bought behind a Wal-Mart in 45 years for a few thousand dollars! Guns are bad, and THAT is the real lesson they want this child to learn. I have said it before and I will say it again: if your child is in a public school and you have the means of educating them another way and you do not, I consider that more of an abuse of the child most other abuses defined by law (besides beating them senseless or not feeding them...obviously that is much worse...but you get the point!).

There is something wrong with society, not with the Constitution! We have the right to bear arms for a reason, and that reason is not outdated. If we do not start treating each other better, speaking to each other better, or promoting and believing in the value of life more than this nation will only get worse over time. We are throwing away a GIFT that we were given over 200 years ago to make ourselves feel better about something that we cannot control when there are things we can control that we are NOT worried about.

it is time we started to fix what we CAN fix, and allow everything else to happen because some things in life YOU cannot control...no matter what you do! I know that is sad, and I know that might break your little heart, but it is true!

EnvironMENTALists Upset Over Coal Use in Nation's Capital

DC Power Plant Continues to Burn Coal, Environmentalists Fume (Breitbart)

During the reign of Pelosi and Reid, back a few years now, the environmentalists found a friend in Washington that would change the whole landscape of our nation's capital. The environmental nuts and local residents wanted to make their city coal free, and move to a natural gas alternative. Lord knows that would have been fought by the environmentalists as well once the switch took place, but the switch never did totally take place because to run 100% natural gas to heat the city, a new plant must be constructed. This plant has never been constructed, so coal still needs to be used in certain circumstances.

This has made the environmental wackos out of their mind nuts! They say they were told that coal would no longer be used and that the use of coal is harming their children. As we all know this is an over-exaggeration if there ever was one, but these people will not stop until they try to run every city in America on a couple wind farms and a drop of hope from their magic tree.

I come from a state that lives and breathes coal, natural gas, and even shale. If not for the natural gas and coal industries Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia (among others) would be wastelands not knowing what to do with themselves. These environmentalists only think about their own agenda and not the facts or anything else. If it makes sense to them then it must be true, when in reality we all know that is not how it works in life. We need coal as much as we need natural gas and a laundry list of other things the wacko tree huggers say we need to get rid of or the children will be hurt.

How many of you grew up or even know someone who grew up next to a mill of some kind. It does not matter what kind or what they were doing. My grandfather worked in a mill after WWII until the day he retired, and he lived to be 76 years old. That might not seem too old to many of you, but for the work he did and what the environmentalists say that happens to people around that kind of "pollution", he should have been dead 20 years before he actually died! Not only that, he lived right across the river. Those of you who lived in states where steel production was heavy, you know the air was a thick fog that caused many respiratory problems if they had per-existing conditions for it. My mother grew up right across the river, and I lived there for the first 5 years of my life, although by that time the steel production was at a standstill and headed over to China and other nations who could do it cheaper.

If these environmentalists have done anything it is make the situation worse than it had to be. If they want to try to run a city on some kind of wind power then more power to them, they are going to need all the help they can get. We have these energy sources and all of them can be used to compliment one another, but we refuse to tell these tree huggers that their ideas are not in the mainstream and people do not want to pay outrageous prices for energy when they can get it cheap. I live in a medium-sized home and every winter one would think because I am from Western PA the energy prices should be so high that we need to decide if we will eat or be warm. But because of all the technological advances that have come on the scene in the past decade plus, we have cheap energy and the energy suppliers make so much money they have started programs with the state to make sure the elderly get a large discount, depending on their income, on the energy they need to stay warm. When the same elderly have to pay three times the rates because of EPA rules and regs, plus the environmental lobby, who will be making money off the green products to help the elderly out? As we have seen, the market is not ready for that kind of energy even though it is being shoved down our throat!

In this case, the argument is not for wind farms or even solar plants, but in the future it will be because that is the end game for these people. They will find something wrong with natural gas before long and say they need a wind farm in every yard and a solar panel on every roof to make it safer for the children. Have you caught on to the game yet? Have you seen the use of children to get what they want? The Left will do this whenever they can. They will use whatever child they can to make their point and have you follow, even if it means the country goes under and you lose everything in the process only to figure out that they were wrong from the beginning like I and many others have been saying for a VERY long time now.

I say we use what is the cheapest for the American people in a time of economic trouble, and if the time comes that the marketplace is ready for the green energy of tomorrow, then it will be as cheap, if not cheaper, than what we have now. If not, then take a deep breath because I REFUSE to pay more to make some hippy feel better about his or her own demented observations.

We Did It Once, We Can Do It Again!

The topic of immigration reform is on the table yet again, and I use the term "reform" as loosely as I can considering there is not much talk of real reform going on in Washington today. There are two plans being floated around, one in the Senate with the "Gang of Eight" and another plan the President will be speaking about in Las Vegas later today. The Senate plan would call for a path to citizenship for those who are here illegally, force them to pay some back taxes in some cases, give them green card status after a predetermined amount of time, and base all other actions that would allow these individuals to become citizens on the chance that the border will be secured. While this plan may sound like a decent plan, it seems to me that the Administration would have the final say as to when they felt the border was secure and a few days after passing the legislation the President could, in theory, say the border is secure and the beginning of allowing these illegal citizens to become American citizens will begin.

This is something we have to read into a little more and since there is no real legislation yet on this and only talk from both sides, there is a lot being talked about that will not be in there and a lot not being talked about that WILL be in there. One thing is for sure: In 2007 we all stood up against legislation we did not agree with and we won, and we can do the same thing this time if we choose not to back down!

The President's plan is a little more "give away everything because I want to be King" type mentality. His plan would start people off on a path to citizenship from day one and it would not be hard for even the criminal element to get their piece of the pie. His plan will also not do anything about border security, and we all know we will be told that the border IS secure, and more secure than ever before, so we do not need to do anything about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into this nation because it is already stopped! The President is wrong, I know this and you know this, heck, even he knows this! That is not the point, though. he does not care if he is right or wrong, he just wants his agenda implemented and that agenda includes amnesty for illegals here right now and then another round when they keep coming in because the Congress and the President were too stupid to take care of our problems when they had a chance. Close the borders, and THEN we talk, which is what the Senate plan would ALMOST do and I would be able to get on board if the proper mechanisms were in place to actually secure the border. I am not sold that it would do that.

In 2007, we all clogged the phone lines in D.C. and elsewhere telling our representatives that we were not happy with the legislation and that they need to stop debate immediately and go on to something else. We can do the same thing here, because we now know what the Obama machine is like. We took it for granted during the ObamaCare debate and we lost because of it. We will not take it for granted this time and we will win, because Congressmen and women only fear one thing more than the President...and that is losing their jobs! If we make it clear that there will be strong opposition the next time they run for office, especially the Republicans, then we might just be able to stop a bad deal from going down. The President's plan is foolish and I doubt the House would ever go for it, although you never know with the crier up there. The Senate's plan is closer to what we actually need, but as of yet I have yet to be shown anything that would actually put safeguards in place to make sure the border was actually secured like it is supposed to be in the plan. No border security for the long term and no stopping the tide of illegals into America, then there must be no deal.

I am not someone who is going to say that there is no way we can deal on this because there is a way, but it has to be done fairly. If they want their Amnesty, then we must have STRONG border enforcement that would include but not be limited to troops on the border, drones, stronger penalties for the people who employ those here illegally, and stronger penalties for being caught here illegally. We need to do something about this but I, like many other Americans, will not be for a plan unless we first control what we have refused to control for many, many decades now!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg's Security Team Accosts Journalist For Asking If He Will Disarm His Security Team

Wow, is it not funny how Mayor Bloomberg and types like him who tell us we do not need to be armed to the teeth are armed to the teeth? Do they think we are so stupid as to not think that it is wrong to tell the people of America to give up their weapons when they will not do the same, or even go as far as to try and exclude themselves from the legislative process only to include all of us? Do they TRULY believe that journalists like this one in this video will not ask questions like this? The people are speaking and they say if you disarm us, you must also disarm yourself. Knowing that will never happen, it may be the best fight against the tyranny we are seeing today.

In a time where the Constitution is nothing more than a paper that individuals only want to follow if they like what it says, how can we take these individuals seriously? There members of the press, academia, and the political class that want to take away your right to bear arms but keep their right o bear arms because they believe that their protection is more important than yours. Obviously I have no problem with Bloomberg having a security detail to protect him while he walks the streets, there are a lot of nuts out there and he is a high-profile individual. However, he is in no position to tell me or you out there that we are not as important as he is when it comes right down to it. We are all human beings, created with the same rights and liberties as the next person no matter how much money we have in our pockets or in a bank account.

The reason Bloomberg could not answer the question is because he knows the answer, but if he answered it he would look like a fool. Do not expect his office to give an answer to this question because he feels he is more important than you are. He feels he is more important top this world than you, your children, or any of you family because of who he is. We are all human and have faults, and this man's fault is to go after good people who want to protect themselves. He and others like him only want the elite to be protected and have protection, while telling all of us that we have the police to protect us and that is good enough. I call BS on that, because we know it is better to protect yourself and your family rather than wait for the police. Those minutes could matter, and when you have the ability to defend yourself those minutes really do matter in the end.

The worst part of this is that his security team, armed to protect the Mayor, seems to not enjoy the questions that were asked and makes sure that the journalist does not get to ask any more by stopping him and asking for his ID. Technically he should have never even given up the ID, but only a press pass to show he is who he says he is, but he did what the officer asked and he was still questioned by the officer about his birth date. We are citizens of this nation and we have the right to confront government officials on the street when we feel we are not being treated fairly or the laws of the land are being broken. No security team or Mayor should have the right to do this to someone when they only want to ask a question, a question, mind you, that was never answered and just walked away from.

Here it is people, right here. This is what America is coming to! If you people on the Left do not see that they are playing games with us all and they are using you for a means to an end, you are BLIND!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

So Wait, YOU Can Have An "Assault" Weapon, But I Can't?

When you tell someone that you are only out to help the children, you want to make the streets safer, and then you exempt yourself from what the law that you want to pass would do, then you are no longer trying to help anyone but yourself. This is the case with many Democrats these days as they try to get their friends in Congress to pass the most intrusive gun bans that America has ever seen. Those on the Left and in the media have called us all crazy when we have said that when the government gets to keep the weapons they want others to give up, tyranny is not far off. They still laugh at us but this move only goes to show that we are not just correct, we have been correct all along and any kind of talking point from the Left is meaningless because they have shown themselves for what they really are.

Am I going to call the Obama Administration the Fourth Reich or go off on an Alex Jones-like tirade about 9/11 and Sandy Hook? No, probably not! But the fact of the matter is we the people better start to get mad and better start to listen up to those out there who want to wake us up or time may run out before we can wake the people up. How hard is it to tell your Congressman or woman that you do not agree with this legislation and if it does happen to pass (which I do not believe it will) that you will not obey the law and register. We all need to do this! We all need to call their offices this week and tell them that they can pass what they will but we will not comply, even if that means going to jail!

The Constitution is not a document that was meant to be broken down and interpreted for different occasions and have different meanings based on those different occasions. The Second Amendment is there not because we all like to hunt but so we can protect ourselves from a government that COULD one day try to take more power from the people without asking nicely! The politicians do not want you to know this, and they would have liked it if you would never read on your own and just remember the BS history they teach you in schools. They want to give you the history of this nation and almost never talk about why there is a Second Amendment. I would love to see the President answer a questions about why we have a Second Amendment and why it is important we keep it. I do not think he could honestly answer it, and if he tried he would make it political. These rights are not made to be played with!

I was at a BTR show the other day, in the chat room minding my own business as usual, when I saw a conversation going on about just this topic. There was a person in this room that seemed to believe that it did not matter what the government did or what law they passed, the people would give up their guns and never fight back. This individual also thought that if those people did try to fight back the military would fire at them and there would be n way of winning so we need to basically give up, or at least that is what I took from it. If you cannot do anything and refuse to do anything, that is giving up no matter how you slice it up!

This is the problem with some Americans, they are not willing to fight for their freedoms. We still have a chance to win this battle and make sure none of this happens, but it is up to you. This battle at this time will not be won with a gun, but won with our voices. If and when the time comes the government comes to our door to take our guns I will be right next to you defending our rights, but until then we still have a chance to make sure that does not happen. Compare me to those during the Revolution who wanted to exhaust every last effort before fighting England if you must, but this is not a time to be talking about fighting our own government. This is a time of telling our friends and neighbors that we CAN win this battle out there in the war of ideas if we just try a little harder and make a few phone calls. Remember just a few years ago when  Congress tried to pass immigration reform and the people called for days to make sure that did not happen. After a few days the legislation was scrapped and nothing was done. We can do that again, but if we give up we are giving up the right that protects all other rights inn the Bill of Rights and elsewhere. The Second Amendment gives the people the right to protect themselves in numerous different ways and it does not say that Congress should change the rules in the middle of the game for their enjoyment.

If we are not allowed to have these types of weapons, no one should be allowed to have these types of weapons. So, when you call your Congressman or woman and your Senators, make sure to tell them that if they DO support this legislation that you ask them to bring up an amendment that would strip the ability of ANYONE in this country from having these weapons, not just we the people! NO ONE should have them if we cannot have them. And if that does not sound good to them, tell them that next election you will make sure to work your butt off to have them voted out! This is not a time to play games, Left or Right. NO to new gun bans!!! NO to national registries!! NO to more government intrusion into our lives and into the ways we protect ourselves and our families!!! WE WANT TO BE FREE!!! Take you gun bans and shove them, because we KNOW that gun bans do not work.

But we do know what nations have done to their people who have not been able to defend themselves, and making sure people can protect themselves from that is FAR more important!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Appointments to the NLRB are Not the Only Unconstitutional Issues in D.C.

An Appeals Court found that last years appointments made by President Obama to the NLRB during a time when the Senate was not technically in recess was unconstitutional. The fight now heads to the Supreme Court where they will decide what the Constitution means by "recess" and could have lasting effects on what power the President has or does not have when filling an appointment when the Senate is not in session.

To bring those of you up to speed who have no idea what is going on, the President, last year, decided he would appoint three individuals to fill the vacancies at the National Labor Relations Board. These vacancies were filled not when the Senate was in recess for a holiday, but when they were technically IN session, coming back every third day to bring the Senate to order and then close out for the day, coming back three days later. This is something the Senate has done in the past to make sure that a President cannot appoint his choices for a certain agency while the Senate is out on a holiday. The President, however, did not see the sessions as real sessions and appointed the three members to the NLRB anyway!

Obviously this was an abuse of power on the President's fault, but I doubt he really cares all that much about that. I find it hard to believe the Supreme Court would overrule the decision by the D.C. appeals court in this case, but I suppose we never know until they hand down their decision. But if you think this is the only unconstitutional talk in Washington these days, you were wrong! There is so much more that is not being talked on your favorite news network that the people in this nation have no idea what is going on.

Take the testimony of one Hillary Clinton, outgoing Secretary of State. She went up this week to testify on the happenings during the Benghazi terror attack on 9/11 and gave very little details as to what happened and why it happened. We are only left to speculate why those people were there at that time, why the Ambassador was not pulled out, and why we did not heed the words of those on the ground asking for more protection when there was ample money to be spent on such protection. Sec. Clinton can blame the attack and the deaths on not having enough money, but she says she never even seen the requests for more help so how can she realistically say that MONEY was the issue here? Money had nothing to do with it at all! It was a failure of the highest order and those in the positions of helping those individuals on the ground who were killed did nothing. We still have no idea why they did nothing!

Besides a few questions from a couple Senators and those in the House, Hillary was given the benefit of the doubt and treated very fairly. I am not saying she should have been screamed at for answers, but more questions should have been answered for the American people. Where are the survivors of the attack? We know where one of them are, at Walter Reed according to Clinton, but what about the others? Why have they not been questioned by Congressional leadership into what they saw and what they heard on the ground? Do they know what really happened and are being hidden from telling their story? The Congressional leadership have no idea who these people are, so in theory they could walk out anyone and say they were there just to try and cover their butts more than they already have.

The people deserve answers and those answers will never come as long as the President and others will not be open and honest with the people. There are only two scenarios here that make much sense to me. One is that this was a blown operation by the CIA to kidnap the Ambassador and use him as leverage over the American government via a terror group to force the release of prisoners. While this may be far-fetched to some, the CIA would have ample ability to set something like this up in that area where they work with local terror groups and the Ambassador himself to fake a kidnapping so the President had reason to release certain prisoners that he felt should not be held any longer. I feel this is a long shot, but can never be totally disregarded as long as we do not know the truth.

The more logical explanation is that warnings of terror threats were not taken seriously at the highest levels of government. The President would have most certainly been briefed on what was going on in Libya at some point, so the talk that he knew nothing at all is not sitting well with me and others. On the day of the attack they were caught off guard and decided to get those out who they could get out and the rest of the people had to stay and fend for themselves. This is more logical because sending in American troops to Libya to rescue or even take down a threat may have been seen by other Northern African nations as aggression, even though it would not have been. In the President's eyes, at least in my opinion, this was the only thing that could have been done and trying to make it look like a video caused it would take away any kind of questions as to the ability of terror organizations in the region to gain a foothold in a region we are all told is better off without a dictator. This kind of attack shows that part of the world is not better off, and shows that possibly the action taken in Libya was wrong from the beginning.

No matter why we were lied to, we know we were lied to and the people want the true story! With everything that is going on in this country from Benghazi to Fast and Furious to the President and others wanting to limit our 2nd Amendment rights, there is a lot to keep up with but we need to keep up with it because we all need to know what happened in these cases. We need to understand that there are some things that are not being told to us and other things that are being told that are lies to make us give up more and more of our rights. We need to stay strong and keep asking questions even when the media does not. We need to stand firm and make sure our rights are not violated to make a few people who are afraid of guns happy that they are being taken away for no other reason than fear and power grabs by those who have too much power to begin with. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Sneak Peak At My Upcoming Book: "Assisted Suicide: The End Of One Brings Another"

This is a sneak peak at my next book, "Assisted Suicide: The End of One Brings Another". I actually thought about adding the Latin translation into the title, but Lord knows that people would be all confused, so I just added it in where I could. Anyway...here it is people! Your first look at the new book! Check back often for more information on a release date! 


 The election of 2012 has now come and gone, and we have a winner. If you have no idea who that is yet, even though he has been sworn in for months, you are probably one of the reasons why Barack Obama was elected in the first place. This book is not only for you but for those like you. But this time I had to widen my base, so to speak. My past two books looked at how the left was ruining America with the way they were handling the economy, their stance on the wars, their social issue stances, and much more. While you may still get some of that out of this, what you will also get is why the Republican Party, the Republican voter, and the American people overall have lost a spine to do anything that may cause them to argue or even disagree with someone else. We are being too nice to each other, and it is about time someone stood up and said it like it is: America is committing suicide!
Leave out for a minute the re-election of Barack Obama, although it does work into all of this in a large way. This is more about my own party, the party I thought would be able to get up and get the American people together against what we have seen for the past four years. That did not happen, of course, but it was not necessarily Mitt Romney’s fault. Romney would have said anything to be elected, as would any other person. The power is too much not to lie to get it, and that is why politicians lie to the people constantly. They do not want that job because they think they will be able to help you get a job, or even a better one. They do what they do for the power.

Right after the election we see the President going back to his old bag of tricks. This is the same bag that got us into trouble, mind you, but do not fret because this time it will actually work out better. Even after winning the House of Representatives again, the Republicans STILL roll over and play dead as if they lost everything and the Democrats should be allowed to run all over them. It was then and there I knew I had to go back to the drawing board, put away some of the topics that I wanted to write about in this book, and start all over. What I seen is the Republican Party giving up, and if they are truly willing to give up then that means I need to give up on them…and so do YOU!

Some of you may be asking how I can say something like this. I have been a registered Republican all my life and have spent probably half of it defending the stupidity the party has offered to the people. In the past two plus years, however, the party has become much worse than they ever were in the past. They did not learn their lesson after losing in 2008, even though the message should have hit them right on the head like a ton of bricks! Once that election was over there should have been no argument about the type of person we needed to run on the ticket and the type of person the party leadership needed to get behind. For those of you who do not know, I will sidetrack all of what I was saying to say that the party, no matter what party, always gets behind the candidate they think will win, no matter who the people want to win. This causes more money to go to that candidate and makes it much more difficult for them to win.

Now, back on point! The field was not what I would call loaded, that is for sure. But that is no excuse for backing Mitt Romney as the party did, even while everyone knew he was a moderate at best. He did nothing in the Southern states during the primaries, getting beat almost every single time but candidate after candidate trying to be that one person who might be able to do the impossible and beat what the party heads thought was a sure win for their man. We will look at the candidates in more detail later, but for now this is good enough. It was then I knew, I felt it in my heart and my stomach, that Mitt Romney had VERY LITTLE chance of beating Barack Obama.

But yet I hit the blogs and all the websites that I could, trying to get support from those who were on the fence. I talked to friends, friends of friends, and everyone I could find trying to gauge where their vote would be landing and I got a better feeling about it. I should have known better, however, because at the end of the day what I thought would happen actually did happen, and any kind of hope that I had left for a party that I have supported to the point of making a fool of myself died that day as well. How could a normal thinking person continue to support the Republican Party when they will not support the people who they want to go to the polls and vote for them? I will not be that guy any longer who stands the party line as if I have no other choice in the matter.

Some of you may be asking if I am changing party affiliation or if I will continue to work to change the party. We will get to that later, but for now just think about the time, anytime, in your life where you have been let down by someone. Think about a time when maybe your wife or even your girlfriend promised you something and then did not come through for one reason or another. Think about how bad that made you feel because you just did not expect that to happen. I compare that to what I felt after the election, knowing that my party, the one I stood up for and fought for, left me! I did not leave my party, the party left me and I refuse to stand up and fight for individuals who will not fight for themselves as well.

I don’t know how many more books I will write or if I even want to write any after this. Who knows, after four more years of this President we may not even have the right to say what we think in book form anymore, so get it while you can! This book is much more than just some views of a Conservative blogger and author on the topics that you can hear the talking heads on talk radio discuss every single day. This is much more and then some. We need to get to the heart of the problem and if the people do not wake up from their sleep, America as we know it will be gone within 20 years. We will be begging for soup, bread, and clean water from a government who cannot even figure out how to spend less money on things any of us in this nation will NEVER need. We count on the government to give us a handout and one day, very soon, all we will get is the shaft…so to speak!

Our Republic, like it or not, is going to experience some pains that I do not think any of you out there are ready for. I will tell you about those pains in this book, but I will not tell you what to do about it. All of you know what you need to do, and you certainly do not need a 29 year old techy telling you how to do it. It all comes down to opening your heart and your mind to something new, and once that can happen, once you let that happen, change will come to this nation much more quickly than ever before! The next generations of “Republican” leaders need to read this, need to understand this, and need to think about this. My generation is already falling for the ploy that the party knows best, when that is not the case at all. Why would a party that wants to do as I and many others say fall on the sword and not fight back? Why would they give up when the fight is to save money and get back on good fiscal ground? Why would they give in when the Left wants to take your guns, as they have already started to do in states like New York. Why would they allow the Left to pervert the Constitution to meet their needs if they were not just like the Leftists themselves?

It is time we demanded more, it is time we expected more, and it is time we SAW more and if that cannot happen, if the party refuses to turn from their moderate/Leftist mentality, the people of the party will find new leadership to lead us into the next age. If we do nothing at all and allow the Left to frame the argument the way they see fit, this nation and all freedom lovers are in a world of trouble.

This is assisted suicide! (Finis unius tristibus Alius)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

PA Girl, 5, Suspended For Threatening To "Shoot" Other Student With Toy Gun

Pennsylvania girl, 5, suspended for threatening to shoot girl with pink toy gun that blows soapy bubbles

We see this kind of thing all the time but it never gets an easier to talk about. Since these schools have this "Zero-Tolerance" policy, you cannot even be a 5 year old and say the wrong thing. And this is what happened in this case where a 5 year old little kindergartener threatened another student at the bus stop with a Hello Kitty plastic gun that shoots bubbles. Someone from the school was there at the time and searched the girl's bag for the gun, but she did not have it on her. Let's just say for a second she actually DID have it on her. I am almost positive, and you can correct me if I am wrong, but no one has EVER been killed by being hit by a bubble. Again, if my claim is somehow not true then please let me know!

Initially, the school brought the girl into the office and interrogated her on her comments. They did not alert the parents but instead talked to the girl on her own and then handed down a ten day suspension for "terroristic threats". The mother of the young girl then came t the school to plead for her daughter to be allowed to come back, and the school decided that they would allow the girl to come back after a two-day suspension instead of a ten day suspension. The family has hired an attorney to get the young girl's record expunged, so hopefully the attorney will be able to do that.

This is what we in society call going WAY too far when it comes to trying to keep the schools safe. If the little girl would have told someone that she had a REAL gun and would shoot someone, that might be a little different but I doubt it would call for a suspension at 5 years old. The child needs to learn that those kind of threats are wrong, and at 5 she and others her age do not understand the events in Newtown or anywhere else. A child of that age may know what death is, but in that kind of situation there is no way they could wrap their heads around it to fully understand.

This is where a good educational system could step in and teach kids that pointing guns at other people is not good unless you are playing with toys, for example. I had a Nerf gun when I was younger and my friends all had them. We would shoot at each other and none of us ever got hurt. It is fine to play those games, but it is also needed that the parents and the schools teach these kids that REAL guns take people's lives and they should not be treated in the same respect as a toy gun. If parents and schools taught this from a young age I promise there would not be kids out there who do not know the difference between the two and go to pick up their parent's gun thinking it is a toy.

This could have been used as a learning experience, but instead the school decides to punish the young girl who did not even know she was doing something wrong. Not only that, the school puts her in a room and interrogates her like a common criminal, and when she goes back to class she is told by a teacher the police could be called on her. This is no way to handle a situation like this from the perspective of a school district, but they decided that the best course of action was to punish this girl without her even learning what she may have done wrong. Do you think the punishment is going to teach this 5 year old something? I highly doubt it!

We need to take a calm look at how we treat children and how we teach them. Like everything else that is dangerous in life, guns should be taught to children. Maybe not necessarily how to shoot them at such a young age, but what kind of affect they will have on them later in life and what not to do when you see your parent's gun or even a friends. This stuff has to be taught at home as well, but if the schools are a place they claim to be (a place to learn) then why not teach them that REAL guns are dangerous if you do not know what you are doing and that play guns are different? It seems to me even a lesson a young girl or boy could understand in a very short time period!

Friday, January 18, 2013

NY Attorney To Sue State Over Gun Ban, Claims 5th Amendment Violation

Attorney Plans Lawsuit Against Gun Law

It did not take too long for someone to come out and say they will sue the state of New Yrk over the gun control law that was recently passed in the state. The law says that automatic weapons banned under the law would have to be grandfathered out, which means if you are in New York and own one of these weapons then you would not be able to pass them on to your children or another person that you wish to have them. The law is not clear on what would happen if you passed on and did not give your gun back to the state, but one could theorize that if your family did not turn in that weapon, they would be breaking the law. That weapon, which was owned by someone who had passed away, is no longer a legal weapon because the person it is registered to is no longer around to claim ownership. The state, most likely, would want to take that weapon, and that is where this lawsuit is headed toward.

One would think this attorney, James Tresmond, would fight this law on Second Amendment grounds, but he is going in a different direction. He plans to file a lawsuit in the coming weeks, more than likely in federal court, claiming the state of New York violated the 5th Amendment when they passed this legislation into law because it does not allow for due process before the item is taken by the government. In case those of you reading this do not know what the 5th Amendment is:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

The key part we want to look at here is "nor be deprived of life, liberty, or PROPERTY, without due process of law". Tresmond is going to argue that because the state of New York will have to take the weapons into their possession after the death of the person who they are legally registered to and that weapon cannot be passed on, that person's 5th Amendment right to not be deprived of property without just cause is being violated. I have never seen this argument before, but as I have read in the past day or so, the legislature actually discussed this when passing the law. One would think they were told that it would be fine and there was no 5th Amendment ground to stand on for those who wanted to fight it, but I think this will be one of the more interesting cases of our generation.

One could argue, as Tresmond more than like will, that the state nor the federal government have the right to grandfather these weapons out of the hands of citizens that legally own them because the state has no claim to them in the first place. The state has shown no cause to take the weapons and if the family would keep them then they would be breaking the law, which means the state has in fact criminalized an activity without giving the individual their due process rights. When you think about the argument, it is very brilliant to say the least. As we all argue the 2nd Amendment all over the internet and everywhere else, in the case of New York their citizens who are against this law want to jump on board to a suit claiming 5th Amendment violations.

It is much too early to tell where this will go, but more than likely we will see this suit or one like it hit the Supreme Court at some point in the next year to year and a half, maybe a little longer depending on the rulings. While I have never thought about this argument, it may have some weight when you get to a court like the Supreme Court who have ruled very narrowly when it comes to 5th Amendment violation over the past century. One would think the people of New York may have a shot to take out this law, but again we are so far away from that at this point it is hard to speculate on what will happen and when.

One thing is for certain: it is good to see a true American stand up for the rights of others as well as himself and fight this constitutional law. It will be exciting for court watchers like myself to see where this goes and the discussions that will be had because of this fight.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Reason Is Our Society!

Have you ever stopped to think, no matter where you are on this gun control debate, about why all these bad things happen in this nation? First, I should say that when the media hypes mass shootings, that does not mean they are more frequent than other types of crime. We may hear more about them because that is what the media wants, but these news agencies would have to create two or three different news stations to handle the crime that happens in some of these large cities. We are looking at ONE of the instruments used in those crimes, but we rarely sit back to look at why they happen in the first place.

There are many reasons for this and it will depend on the situation, but one of the biggest reasons our society thinks to kill before talking it out with someone is because we have come to a point where people really believe there is no one out there for them. These people you see go into a school and want to harm someone, many times, are the ones that are being bullied or made fun of during the school day. They go to their teachers and the school administration and try to tell them, but that almost never works. They may or may not tell their parents, but the parents know there is something wrong on some level. Many parents believe they need to allow their children to work out their problems on their own, but in fact they need that person to talk to and let out the anger before it builds up too high.

There are many things we can do right inside our schools to make it a better place for kids to get an education and not be subjected to all out verbal and physical abuse. As I have said many times, I was one of those kids who was bullied and it was not the best time of my life. The teachers would do nothing about it, the Administration at the school did nothing, and when it came time to hand out punishment I was the one that got the worst of it. I never thought about going into a school with a gun (I was in high school at the time of Columbine) and I had a few friends that made the time a little better. If a child does not have this, however, he or she will be more prone to violence in that school.

Why are we not talking about making a three strikes and your out rule for those who verbally or physically abuse someone in schools? This seems like it would be something that would be fairly easy to do, and the schools would have no choice to get on board with it. The teachers and administrators also need training in dealing with people who are bullied, verbally or otherwise, and getting back to teach these kids about the value of a human life could go a long way. Now, this would probably not have stopped the shootings in Colorado or even Sandy Hook, but there are many other school shootings where it may have had an impact on the situation. We just do not know because we do not hold those who run the schools accountable for what goes on in the school.

We all like to play video games, right? Well, maybe not all of you but many of you do like to play and many started at a very early age. When I was young, we played Mario, Sonic, and games like that which were not really violent unless you count stomping on a mushroom violent. As I got older we played Mortal Combat and other more violent games, but my father never allowed it in the home so I played at other people's houses. This was before the rating system, but even after the rating system parents bought their kids these games so there was no way to stop it.

My idea is to not ban video games outright, or even games with violence. That will not help the situation and people will still get them anyway. If there is a market for something, someone will make it and in an age where we have amateurs making games online, this is a much easier task than ever before. But what we could do is at least try to get parents in the country to understand there is an age where your child is old enough to play these games, and only you know if they are mature enough to play them and not take them seriously. All children are different so no rating system will be good enough, but the parents know the child the best so they need to make better informed decisions about what their children see and play inside the home.

This is not an easy step because the child could play it somewhere else. This is why it is VERY important to have the discussion with your children that these games are not real, but fantasy to pass the time with. It is not appropriate to stab, shoot, kill, or otherwise harm other people. It is not right to steal a car, rape a woman, buy a prostitute, or any other unethical behavior we see in these games. I know I cannot be the exception to the rule, there must be caring parents out there that have children that will have these conversations! It does not matter if you do not want to, you MUST have these conversations because children are very impressionable. They see movies and try to act like the lead character, and someone in their life needs to tell them that pretending is fine and it is fun, but it is not reality. If you can get your child to understand reality and how it differs from fiction, then your child will be on the road to a better life and able to make better decisions.

I have written about the schools and the games/movies, but what about personal responsibility? This is not something we hear very much anymore, especially when these shootings happen. No one wants to take the blame for it, when there is enough blame to go around. When we flip on the TV and watch a show that promotes sleeping with multiple women or men and having babies at a young age and not being able to care for them, WE ARE a part of the problem. When we have guns in the home and REFUSE to show our children how to use them, how to hold them, and what NOT to do with them, we are a part of the problem. Now you are not going to show your 2 month old how to hold a gun. That gun should be locked away until the child is old enough to understand what it is. But when that time comes do not be afraid that something might happen, show the child that it is a weapon that can kill many, and to be trusted with it you must learn how to be safe with it. Many parents who own weapons do this, but many more do not.

It is hard to teach your child right from wrong when you do wrong yourself. Children pick up on what their parents do and how they act, and many children grow to be just like one of their parents. I grew up going to church every Sunday, and while I do not push religion on anyone it may be an option for that child who needs to learn a little more about right and wrong. That would be up to the parent or even the child at a certain age, of course, but still an option that can be taken under advisement. There are so many things parents can do to make sure their child grows up right, but in a society where the parents are on again/off again, divorcing and marrying three other men after the first, and leaving their kids to their own devices because they have other responsibilities because of the choices they made does not mean the child does not need love and attention. If you have a child with a mental disability, this is even more true than other children!

So, when we look at the gun debate and we keep on arguing back and forth about WHY this kind of thing happens, remember it is not the gun that gets up to shoot someone, there is a person that does that. That person has a story, a life, a mother and a father, and maybe some problems that could have been fixed by seeing a doctor, spending more time with parents, or having a parent that showed interest in the child. We cannot say that would stop most mass shootings in schools or anywhere else, but the fact that we are not even talking about it shows to me that this debate was designed to be one sided from the beginning and there is nothing short of a total change in the way we treat each other and ourselves that will start to change the violence we see in America today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Hypocrisy Shows Its Little Head

Today we heard the President of the United States give a speech that was, I suppose, intended to make you and I feel bad enough to hand in our guns and not want a clip with over ten bullets. Why would someone need a magazine like that, some have asked. I ask why is it your place to tell me what kind of weapon or what kind of magazine I should have? Is this really about the children or about pushing the United States and their people to the brink by taking away what they hold closest to them? It seems nothing the President has proposed will do anything to stop the criminal element, especially in a city like Chicago, from getting weapons that are much more powerful than those the regular citizens would have under new legislation.

So one must ask how those citizens would be caring for themselves and their families would be able to protect their own under legislation that only hurts them and not those who are out to hurt them? Not only that, but we see the President not even wanting to touch what comes out of Hollywood and the video game industry. Not that I disagree with that logic because I have never seen a movie kill someone, but if he wants to be consistent one would think he would want to make sure all areas of gun control are covered. But because he has very good friends who have made it a point to say they are not responsible in Hollywood for the violence we see on the streets, he has decided to not even discuss it.

You all know how I feel about this and what I would do to make sure people were more safe in their homes and around others who may be a threat. Not all Americans feel comfortable around a gun, but that does not give the rights of a few more liberty than the other American's who feel they are well protected with semi-automatic guns of all kinds. Nothing that has been done so far, especially in one of the most gun-unfriendly regions in this nation, has been able to stop people from killing each other if the motive and the opportunity is there. I see no movement to making our communities safer inside the community itself, where it has to begin. You can rid the country of all legal weapons if you want, but that will not stop the killings. Those who are pushing for more legislation, on the Left and the Right, understand this more than anyone. This is a political football that no one wants to touch but when the time comes and there is a tragedy, we must make new law to hurt those that are law-abiding citizens.

One of the actions the President would like Congress to take is to make sure your doctor has the ability to alert the state that you live in and the background check that you may not be of sound mind to own a firearm. This includes doctors asking you if you own any weapons. Take away for a minute that a doctor has no legal authority to ask this question with legislation or otherwise, right in the heart of ObamaCare there are rules for keeping patient information safe. It seems the President was on board with that when the legislation passed, but now he would like to give doctors more leeway when it comes to reporting people. How can we have privacy rights when the President would like to throw them out the window of the exact legislation that he pushed and said would be better for Americans? You cannot have it both ways, everyone! You either believe in the privacy rights between a doctor and the patient or you believe the doctor should be able to report ANYTHING that he FEELS is wrong to the state.

Some other memorandums from the President were:

  • Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.
  • Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.
  • Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities
  • Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun.

And there are many more, 23 in all, that direct federal agencies to do one thing or another that will have no effect on gun violence what so ever because we are not getting to the root of the problem here and those in the media and those who are memorized by the President fail to see this. His real purpose is to push Congress for a return to the Assault Weapons Ban, which in his mind is probably something that could happen or he would not mention it. I also believe that it could happen, and it is not out of the realm of possibility that we could see a return to that law, but this one would be much more damning to the regular American citizen who owns firearms.

At the end of the day, the President said nothing that would help the situation. What about the adult who is not mentally stable, but their family has no recourse because the doctor and the state do not feel there is anything they can do? A family somewhere may know someone in their family needs help, but the person refuses to get that help and the family is powerless to have them committed to get the help they need. This happens, and if we believe the accounts from Sandy Hook this IS what happened! If the mother of Adam Lanza was going to have her son committed as we are told, why did she wait? Why did she have to wait? Was there anything that new legislation could have done to make sure his mother could have had him committed a week before or even months before? The fact we do not know much about the family and the whole story is not helping matters when it comes to looking at situations like this, but a situation could arise just like it and nothing that this debate has brought out does anything to help those in need that may not feel they need the help because they are mentally disabled in some way.

This is a way to take the guns the government does not feel you have the right to have, not to keep anyone safe. Anyone out there with a brain knows that there is nothing that can be done when someone truly wants to kill someone or numerous people. Help for those people need to be available, but that is the best we can do. Taking these guns off the street will not really get them off the street, and our crime rate in cities around the nation with tough gun laws show this. We have a lot of societal problems as well we are not addressing, and that is because on one hand people feel they have the right to live in a society without guns but have the right to watch movies with people with guns. How does that make any sense? So, I can watch someone else with a gun but I cannot have one myself for protection?

Today, tweeting on his official Twitter page, Piers Morgan said: "Obama's hit the nail on the head - the right to life, especially for children, surely supercedes any other rights?"

So does this mean we should rid the country of abortion as well? The argument is that if we did outlaw abortion that women would go to the "back alleys" and have one anyway. The same rules apply here. You may outlaw a gun or a magazine, but that does not stop someone from going to a back alley and buying one. The two situations seem to have nothing to do with each other from the point of view of those who do not support the Second Amendment, but have everything in the world to do with each other! These are the same people than champion abortion rights, yet the right to own a gun is off limits because we have to protect the children? How many babies have been killed over the last decade compared to children out of the womb being killed by a semi-automatic weapon? I promise you, the abortion numbers are MUCH higher, yet we never hear those in the media take that cause up.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nerf Gun Causes Lock Down At School on Long Island

Nerf toy causes lockdown at Long Island school

Let me make this perfectly clear so all of you out there do not get the wrong idea. Yes, I have a problem with schools, police, and other officials who cannot think for a minute before going all out when there MAY be a problem, but all of you have to decide if every time a student brings a Nerf gun to school it should be locked down. While the police or even the person who called may not have known if the gun was real, this is a trend in America and the trend is what I really want to talk about.

We have come to the point that we are at right now. Every time someone looks or dresses like someone who shot up a school before, they must be the next ones who are going to shoot up a school. Those of you out there who do not know odds may not be aware that it is not very likely you will ever encounter a school shooting, let alone die in one. Yes, I know we have had some shootings in the past and 20 children are dead in Newtown, but not every kid who brings a Nerf gun to school and wears a black jacket is going there to kill someone. My question is: If the person who called the police was close enough to see that the kid had a gun and saw the color of the gun, how did this kid not know it was a Nerf gun? Is it one of those situations where you are better safe than sorry or is it because the media has beat us up over the past few months about guns?

This is what happens when the media goes all out for a cause they want to support. The effect of that is that people get scared, and everything they see just happens to be someone with a gun. Parents are more likely to watch closely and call the police over nothing at all, even what someone may be wearing. It may be useful to alert the police if you know the person and they may not be mentally stable, but to alert the police because you think the guy wearing black might have a gun is going over the top. Where does it end? Do you call the police on the person who is carrying a gun when walking through the mall legally because you do not know if the person is stable or not and you just want to be safe? How far do we take this just to make ourselves feel better about the world and how it can be a dangerous place?

Again, I know I am on a slippery slope here because there will be people who tell me you need to tell someone no matter what is going on if you have a feeling something bad could happen. Well, in that case I might spend half my life on the phone because of the people across the street from me with that logic. We have to have some kind of logic to base our fear of of or it is no longer logical fear, it is created fear from what we see on the TV and in the movies. Fear can be created, and those trying to pass these gun bans like we have seen in NY have created this fear that without the government and without their interaction into our daily lives then we may not be able to survive. We are human beings and we have survived as human beings a lot longer than any government has ever survived. That right there should tell you something right off the bat!

We have to be a little more careful about how we handle these situations, that is all I am trying to say. Yes, there is a time and a place to ramp up what may be considered weak security if you get a call from someone saying someone else has a gun, but from what the article has said about the caller who called the police about the person with the Nerf gun and the black jacket, it was just something the school could have taken care of with local authorities without causing alarm in the community. Parents end up coming to the school to pick up their children either after or during a search of a school where they find a Nerf gun. At that point there is no threat to anyone, and the regular day can resume as it would. If you are afraid your child is going to get shot with a Nerf gun, do not fret, no one (that I know of) has ever been killed by a Nerf gun! Go back to class and thank the police for being vigilant. 

But no, you know what works better for the media? Go out and make sure everyone knows a gun COULD have been brought in to the school today and people who wear black are suspicious! This is America, and the debate over our right to bear arms will continue while the media and others show us images of terrible, horrific scenes that will make people want to change their minds about our rights!

This Is All About Control, Nothing About Guns!

Do you now how I know this? Do you know how I know this has nothing to do with keeping people safe, changing the society and their feelings about how we treat each other, or helping those in need? Because, the legislation that is about to become law in New York does NOTHING to really go after the criminal element that will abuse the law no matter what it is, but it does a lot to make sure the everyday citizen gets refused the type of ammo and gun they would like to have! If you think this is about keeping your little one safe, you are so wrong!

What we have here is a week of gun control fanatics hitting the airwaves and the state house's (including the White House) telling the people we need a change when the people know deep down these changes do nothing. Let's go through the list of changes that NY will be seeing following their new legislation.

  • Magazine size limited from 10 to 7 rounds per clip
  • Addition to the NY Assault Weapons Ban that would allow those who own them to keep them, but makes these weapons and others like it non-transferable to family. 
  • Updated definition of "assault weapon" to include semi-auto handguns and shotguns. Presumably, these types of guns would also be "grandfathered" out as well, just like the AR-15 and other types of rifles. 
  • Adds additional mental health requirements to physicians that would require them to alert the state if the physician would believe, rightly or wrongly, that the person may be a threat to themselves or others. There are safeguards for physicians if they do not turn someone in they feel will not hurt someone and then does hurt someone, but you would have to read the legislation to actually get the full understanding of the mental health code. 
I want to take a look at the mental health issue here for a second, because NY played lip service to this problem and did not really go after the real issue which is getting these people the help they need so these types of situations do not happen. All they did was add more of a penalty for those in the medical field that do not turn in someone if they feel they could be a threat, but even to that extent there are ways for the doctor to get around any kind of wrongdoing that the state may think they were guilty of. This legislation does nothing to help those who need it or help the families of those people who may need help get their family member the help they need more easily. Under this legislation, a person who may not be under a doctors care would still have to admit themselves voluntarily, and if they did not want to and the state did not think there was anything wrong with the person the family would be out of options.

Tomorrow the White House will announce new and sweeping changes to laws, some of which the President will make on his own. Listen people, there is a lot the President can do without breaking the law to make it more difficult for you to get guns and ammo. He may bring down NO E.O. on magazines or gun purchases, but if he were to tell the EPA to do studies and look into the environmental issues that the magazines bring, this could raise the cost of your ammo and your guns to levels you have never seen before. He does not have to do much to make it more difficult for the everyday American to go out and buy a gun.

Also, remember the President has buddies on the Right in the House. He got what he wanted out of taxes just a couple weeks ago, and he hopes he will get what he wants out of guns this time. He will never get an all-out assault weapons ban, there is no way Republicans could ever vote for that and keep their jobs, but a national database of gun owners is not out of the question. This would force anyone, no matter what kind of gun you have, to be fingerprinted and put in a database of people who own weapons in America. Not only would this be a Constitutional issue, but many Americans would never comply with this type of law. Washington has to remember that those people in the back alley selling guns out of their trunk will not be asking for fingerprints and not be telling the buyer that they cannot sell them a ten-round magazine! This will, without a doubt, open a bigger market for the gun trade all over the nation.

The people of New York need to stand up and call for the resignations of all those in their state legislature that voted for this legislation. They are limiting the rights of the law-abiding citizen so they can hinder the criminals that never listen to what the law is in the first place. All this does is hurt the everyday man or woman wanting to protect themselves, but these politicians could care less. Other nations are looking at us right now and laughing, knowing that one day soon any kind of fear that nation had of the citizens of the United States will be gone because our own government made it happen. Do not be fooled, people, there are still nations out there that would like nothing better than to land a half a million troops on the Atlantic coast and take half this nation for their own. Nations that we fought during WW2 would have never even thought about it, because the people were too well armed, but in the next decade that may not be the case.

I am not trying to scare you or even bring up the out in left field ideas that some may think about, but you never know what will happen. We have the right to bear arms not so we can hunt but so we can protect ourselves from outside enemies when our government is not able to and to protect us from the government we call our own. Individuals like Piers Morgan and others on the tube do not understand this. They think we should only have guns for hunting because the government or other governments would never try to hurt the people of America! Why would they do that for?

Why did Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Assad, and others harm their and other occupied people? Because they COULD!!